• 02-21-2000: 0.0.4 released!

  • 02-07-2000: 0.0.3 release, first public release

PAddress is a simple address book application I began mostly because I wanted to stop using a text file for addresses and phone numbers, and I couldn't find an application that was quite what I wanted. It is written in C++, using the Standard Template Library (STL), and the Gtk+ tool kit. PAddress does require a complete STL implementation, (particularly the string class) see the documentation page for details. PAddress is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), please see the license page for a copy of the GPL. You may also want to visit the project's page on source forge.

Who's responsible:

PAddress was started, and is currently developed by Peter Witkop (resume, If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about paddress, please send them to the paddress mailing list (

Thanks goes to Sourceforge for all the services they provide.